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From creating a sense of well-being for staff, visitors, or residents, to ensuring your customers or clients have a positive perception of your operations, maintaining high standards of cleanliness can really make a difference. At Intown we have a wealth of experience handling the cleaning needs of a variety of different locations and have a proven track record of delivering first-class results for our clients.


Our employees are trained to consistently deliver superior standards of cleanliness, hygiene, safety, and customer service.

Deep Cleaning

Residents, Villa’s cleaning

Commercial office cleaning

Floor Cleaning & Care

Marble cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Construction Cleanup

Maintenance Contract

We work with clients to define the complete cleaning requirements of an area, taking into consideration the timing, the use of chemicals and equipment, and the frequency of commercial janitorial services. Our expert contract cleaning teams perform periodic maintenance & cleaning services combined with other services like Pest Control Services, Garbage Disposal, Sewage/Effluent Disposal, Landscaping Services and Hygiene Cleaning of Water Tanks.

We offer consistent quality across a wide range of industries including retail, business, industrial and manufacturing, educational institutions, hotels and resorts, restaurants, and more.

Hospitality Staffing

A Well-Trained Workforce

In the hotel & hospitality industries, the success of your business depends heavily on employee productivity and customer service

We offer a full scope of hotel and hospitality staffing services to ensure you have the quality workforce you need to maintain your reputation as a high-class establishment.


Saves your Human Resource Time

One of the benefits of utilizing hotel and hospitality staffing services is that we take the time to find, interview and screen candidates. This can help free up your human resources department to focus on other areas.

Identify Skilled Candidates

We find employees who precisely match your criteria and expectations. During the screening process, we test proficiencies related to the position to ensure a good match. This reduces training time and help increase overall satisfaction with your employees.

Manage periodic fluctuations & Employee Turnover

We see to it that you have the staffing you need when you need it. From big events to busy times of the year, we can provide temporary staff to fulfill your demand.

If you’ve experienced high staff turnover, let us fill the gaps with long term, qualified employees

Pest Control

Pest Control at any premises is of vital importance for a number of reasons. Pests can cause property damage, make a building an unpleasant place to be because of noise or smell issues and can even cause health and safety issues if there are species that carry disease. You can rely on Intown to ensure your premises remain free of pests.


The landscaping around your building can make a strong impression on your clients, visitors, or residents. Let Intown contribute to your organization’s image with our range of landscaping and groundskeeping services.